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This is an educational app, providing interesting facts and cool facts, to give a wow effect, to let people learn interesting things, and to educate themselves about amazing facts. Education in a fun way!


✓ Every fact is researched to make sure that it's not made up.
✓ Reference links are available for each fact so that it's easy to get more information.
✓ Hand-picked images are displayed with each fact.
✓ European measurements for most facts can be enabled in settings.
✓ Some facts have a video that explains about the fact and other interesting things.
✓ Collect your favorite facts and view the list afterwards.


✓ Animal Facts
✓ Art Facts
✓ Astronomy Facts
✓ Biology Facts
✓ Economy Facts
✓ Environment Facts
✓ Geography Facts
✓ History Facts
✓ Language Facts
✓ Math Facts
✓ Plants Facts
✓ Psychology Facts
✓ Science Facts

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